If you're pregnant and want to maintain

or even build strength during your pregnancy,

but don't know where to start...

Start Here!

Expecting to Flourish™

Create true strength and ease in pregnancy with:

A customized week-by-week pregnancy strength & yoga training plan


Additional workouts to troubleshoot aches and pains as they come up


Essential "practice for birth" trainings for you and your partner


Bi-monthly LIVE Q&As with expert coaching from Kendra & Nicole

Resolve pregnancy back, neck and hip pain.

Keep your core functional to 40 weeks (minimize Diastasis!).

Workout skillfully even if you have prior injuries or conditions (because pregnancy highlights them!).

Condition your body for birth.
Pave the way to an easy postpartum recovery.

Get 7 days risk-free!

Here's the truth: Your body changes every day in pregnancy and the questions about how and when to move your body to stay strong during pregnancy are REAL.

What's also true: You can maintain your strength and even create more strength during pregnancy, arriving at your birth feeling strong and confident and setting yourself up for the best possible postpartum recovery.

If you're saying "Yes Please!"

but not sure how to make that a reality...

The Expecting to Flourish Membership is designed just for you.

When you join, you get all of this:


We've taken all the guesswork out of staying strong in pregnancy. In your complete prenatal strength and yoga workout plan, you'll know exactly what to do every day - all the way to 40 weeks of pregnancy. You can also rest easy knowing you have all the strength you need to show up powerfully for your birth and set yourself up well for postpartum.


In the on-demand course, you'll find pregnancy core trainings, practices to help you troubleshoot pregnancy aches & pains, birth preparation for you and your partner, physical practices to prep your body for birth, and early postpartum movement and recovery tools. All of this at your fingertips, when it fits into your busy schedule.


In our monthly live Q&As and masterclasses, we show up LIVE to answer any questions you have about pregnancy, birth and early postpartum - from "which core exercises should I be modifying in my exercise classes now that I'm 30 weeks?" to "I feel a weird pulling in my core on the right side...what's up?" and "what do I need to do with my pelvic floor during birth??" (all actual questions we've gotten from members in the past!)


You'll meet other moms just like you who are in a similar stage of pregnancy, on this path alongside you. There's nothing like community and a cheerleading squad during pregnancy when you need it most, and we've got that for you!

Choose your subscription:

3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months of Access

Start with 7 days risk-free:


  • You're pregnant and want to maintain or (even improve!) your fitness levels during pregnancy. 
  • You're feeling anxious you might be doing too much.
  • You're finding your pre-pregnancy workouts increasingly uncomfortable.
  • You want to feel strong during pregnancy and be 100% certain that the exercise you’re doing is safe for you and the baby.
  • You wish you had a go-to resource for dealing with the pelvic / low back pain that flares up on the regular at 11pm, right when you're trying to fall asleep and you just. want. relief.
  • You want to stay connected to your core and pelvic floor during pregnancy so you have an easier, faster and more complete recovery postpartum.
  • You want to train your muscles AND your mind for the stamina you need for a successful birth.
  • You're excited to have a movement plan for Weeks 0-6 in place so you're staying connected, and starting your recovery (gently!) from Day 1.

Look no further:

The Expecting to Flourish Membership

is designed just for you.

Here's a look at the ONLINE COURSE inside the Membership:

How & Why To Keep A Functional Core During Pregnancy

Learn How To Modify Your Current Workouts + Yoga Practices For Pregnancy

Troubleshoot Aches & Pains With Targeted Practices & Workouts

Hands-On Childbirth Prep For You & Your Partner

Prepare Your Body For Birth (actually PRACTICE for birth!).

Build An Empowered Visual Birth Plan

Build Your MENTAL Strength for Birth

What You Need To Know Before Bringing Baby Home (Planning & Navigating Early Postpartum


Early Postpartum (Weeks 0-6) Mindful Movement Practices

Early Postpartum Self-Care Practices

Early Postpartum Meditations

PLUS you'll get monthly LIVE Q&As and masterclasses with us + a vibrant community of moms just like you to keep you inspired.


Learn the science-backed, proven method that will take the guess-work out of prenatal fitness and guide you on how to:

✅ keep your body strong during pregnancy

✅ keep your big fitness goals, even as your body changes

✅ prepare your body for birth (really PRACTICE!)

✅ prep for birth alongside your partner with labor positions, breathing techniques and tools that will help your partner feel confident supporting you

✅ prep for a smooth postpartum recovery (and minimize Diastasis Recti (ab separation) and pelvic floor issues

Because the key to keeping your pre-pregnancy fitness and minimizing core and pelvic floor weakness?

It's NOT just limited to 'walking' and 'prenatal yoga'.

You need...

  • The right balance of the STRENGTH and STRETCHING focused exercises for your stage of pregnancy
  • The ability to troubleshoot aches and pains as they come up during pregnancy to keep you working out.
  • AS WELL AS a complete workout plan that meets you where you are on a daily basis - whether that's feeling exhausted or really energized.
  • Practical birth prep so you can go into your birth having actually PRACTICED before the big day

If you're ready for this..

Choose Your Subscription!

Get 7 days risk-free.

* Then billed every 3, 6, or 12 months.

We're Nicole & Kendra!

Co-Founders of Devoted Mamas, Pregnancy & Postpartum Movement Specialists, and sisters.

Since 2012, we’ve been helping moms keep (and increase!) their strength during pregnancy, truly prep their bodies for powerful births and sail smoothly into early postpartum (PLUS we've done it FOUR times ourselves too).

You might also know us as the creators of the Daily Burn Baby Bump & Beyond Program.

Keeping moms fit and strong through every stage of pregnancy + into postpartum is our JAM.

With over 20 years of experience with cilents + our own experiences in motherhood, we’ve found the perfect combination of what WORKS...

All of which we want to share

with YOU.

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